Case studies from clients.

NOC Indonesia consulted about winning Olympic medals as much as it can. Ganesport Consulting designed a national elite sport development plan. Services we offer: Strategy and High-Performance Sport Management.
Nusantara Union Football Club is a start-up football company which wants to be the most influential football club in Indonesia. Ganesport Consulting helps the club by advising a long-term strategy and developing a policy relevant to its co-owners. Services we offer: Strategy and Sport Policy Development.
Indonesia National Development Planning Agency, or Bappenas, wanted to design a strategy of increasing chances of Indonesia's athletes winning more medals in international competitions and create a national talent management system for elite athletes. Ganesport's principal consultant Amal Ganesha was involved in the consultancy process and strategy formulation. Services we offer: Strategy and Sport Policy Development.
Fitco, a start-up wellness company, consulted us about designing a suitable CSR program for enhancing its reputation and meeting its relevant social cause. We advised them to create a physical education scholarship for underdeveloped fitness coaches. Services we offer: CSR for Competitive Edge.
Goal for Youth, an NGO specialised in football, consulted us about creating a program purposed to contribute to football development of Indonesia. We advised and are assisting them to execute a program called Lapangan Kita, which has a goal to increase number of football pitches for community. Services we offer: CSR for Competitive Edge and Project Management.
The Transition Team of Indonesian Football Association, created by the Sports Ministry, consulted us in 2016 about stepping in the right direction to revive Indonesian football after prolonged management and internal crises at the association. We advised them with a 16-point recommendation about directions particularly in football governance and policy. Services we offer: Governance Audit and Sport Policy Development.